Chad Klassen

About Me



My name is Chad Klassen, for those of you who don't already know. I specialize in software engineering and software design. I graduated from the Lethbridge College May 2010 with a diploma in Computer Information Technology. Then continued on to graduate from the University of Lethbridge May 2012 obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Why do I have a portfolio? Good question. The answer is simple, my hobby is design or more specifically web design. I've only taken two courses at the University pertaining to Design. However there was a great course under computer science called Human Computer Interaction. Its an very interesting topic, and I would consider doing my master's thesis in one of the many subtopics. The courses did not spark my interest as Design has been a passion of mine since I started developing websites back in 2001. I wish to incorporate good design in every project and piece I work on.

I'm currently employed at a local Lethbridge business called Tangle Media. I mostly do research and development for our in-house developed content management system called Telegraph. I mainly do development in PHP and jQuery. I also do some web design for Tangle Media whenever the opportunity arises.

Contact Information

E-mail: chad(at)